Synth Lover. Groove enthusiast. Member of Experimental Cabaret soundsystem. Emits everything from house to techno to breaks usually on the slower and darker side.



I grew up in underground Tetra Hydro Club in Brno city CZ with my tekno bros Phabal and Thcrew. First perform on CzechTek 99 and than Bulgariatek, U-tekk and freeparties until 2008. Than comes Vosa sound system and Faval circus club where we were residents. I mainly play on freeparties and at underground clubs. My […]


Shamaniak is a DJ based in Austria, with a big passion electronic music. He always plays his sets spontaneously, with a strong focus on creating a deep and hypnotic story. Shamaniak prefers to play Dark Psy and  Tekno, but he also plays Dark Progressive and Psy Trance, depending on the mood of the dancefloor! Shamaniak […]

El Chupacabra

Ladislav Kováč aka El Chupacabra pochází z Ratíškovic z jihu Moravy od Hodonína. Žil deset let v Praze kde i začala jeho DJ kariera v crew Orange recordings. Má za sebou spoustu zkušeností z DJingem a pořádáním akcí, hraje už sednáct let a s toho osum let psytrance. Začínal jako všichni v té době na […]

Syber Symon

Syber Symon, a key player in the advancement of the ‘free party’ culture that ignited in the UK in the tail end of the century, over the past three decades his constant support and efforts have helped drive London’s underground music forward as a whole. Whether it was sonically through the exploration of his vast […]


Jeery discovered the magic of psychedelic trance and turned into a DJ. In 2017, after moving to Prague, he fully focused on producing music. Slower psychedelic styles like zenonesque and dark progressive are significant for his tracks and dj sets. He also plays classic late night psytrance sets.

Mr. Gorby

DJ Mr. Gorby, also known as Kuba ‘Gorby’ Rozsypal, entered the Czech psytrance scene around 2010. He quickly established himself as a DJ who always surprises with a selection of fresh and dynamic tracks. Over time, his playing has moved in various directions of alternative electronic music. Currently, he prefers to play zenonesque, dark progressive, […]

DJ plesk

Even though he recently started appearing behind the DJ decks, he has been immersed in the psychedelic scene for quite some time. He shares his experiences from domestic, foreign, and extraterrestrial scenes through carefully curated music selections, ranging from chill-out to full-on. Last year, he had his first taste of festival organizing, and after a successful […]