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Dear Breakfest friends and comrades. Year after year has come together, and we, in the belief in a better tomorrow, are beginning preparations for the next year’s Breakfest, which we plan as a three-day festival from Friday, May 27 to Monday, May 30.
Thanks to covid, we wasted two seasons when we couldn’t do the festival, but this year we hope that everything will turn out well.
We are slowly finishing the line up, which will be basically quite similar to the one planned for 2020.
The important message is that the location of the festival, which was originally in RS Meziříčko, is changed, because in Meziříčko they went a different way and no longer want to organize any other events there.
The location offers similar services and the parameters even the parking space is larger. There will also be an opportunity to book accommodation in cottages in a similar mode as always, but later about a month and a half before the festival. We will rent the cottages only for the entire duration of the event, which is 3 days.
We will now present the already confirmed Headliners of this year.
The main attraction of the festival will now be the band HENGE from England, which you have already heard twice and seen with your own eyes in our former club Mayapur Pokojíček. For those who don’t know who it is, Henge is a band that plays music based on the Rave scene, and in their songs you will hear elements of IDM, acid house and a break in a live performance. They all perform in fancy costumes and masks, so their performance also has theatrical elements. No wonder the band hit the stage like a rocket, and immediately gained thousands of new fans around the world. In 2019, they were announced as the best new domestic band in England and immediately headed to the big stages after European festivals. Unfortunately, just like them, Covid changed our plans a lot.
We were lucky and met them before they became stars, we are friends and they like to come to Breakfest because they like us 🙂 You can find more about Henge here on their website.
Henge will open the festival on Friday and will play from 22:00, so if someone comes to us mainly for this band, they will come on time! Friday night will be a masquerade and basically the whole festival will be in the spirit of masks and costumes, so get ready, be creative as we will reward several of you for the original costume with both we and the band of your choice! Henge will bring their own merch, so if you are interested in their T-shirts or vinyls, they will be available at their makeshift booth. After Henge’s performance, there will be a short special performance a short distance from the main stage, which will take about 30 minutes, which we will keep as a surprise for the time being, as everything is being arranged so far. Then the party starts, with Simon Crystal Distortion, so shortly after midnight Breakfest will run in its traditional proper techno style. Underground techno to tekna lovers will always come to their nights overnight, and in the afternoon they will be more comfortable, as usual.
Another driving force of the lineup is the legend of English techno COLIN DALE. Colin is one of the true roots of the English techno scene, and since the second half of the eighties, when he started playing at local festivals and parties, and then from the region of the nineties, when he played on the pirate radio Kiss FM, he gained the respect of everyone who means something on stage. You can find his name on the first LPs of Prodigy in the respect section and this is just an initial list of superlatives. More on Colin later.
We are currently pre-arranged to play with probably your most wanted guest according to previous surveys, and that is Crystal Distortion, and then Mickey Meltdown, Ixy and the rest of the audiotrix party we set up the festival with will definitely come.
Darc Marc is our next guest and is a veteran of the London Acid Party such as Liberators, Dave the Drummer et al. We really like his production and he will perform live.
Of course, we have a lot of other names from abroad, but mainly from our domestic technoscene, which we will introduce to you, but we will leave it for later.
However, we must not forget that we have a top visual ready for you, both in the form of projections and mapping, installations, and in the form of the latest light and laser technologies. All this will be under the roof of our tent built in two halves with a border in the middle, so the dancefloor will be much more spacious. Even so, it will be ensured that the stage is covered from possible bad weather.
Our sound from Noise Control Audio traditionally belongs to Breakfest on all stages that will be in the area.
We try to prepare a festival for you, which we take much further than ever before, and we really care that you enjoy Breakfest again and have a beautiful experience that you just won’t forget. Support us with your visit, we promise you will not regret 🙂
The capacity will be limited to the number of 1500 tickets, and in advance there will be tickets for 750 CZK + fees and 999 CZK on the spot for the whole time, then 600 CZK from Saturday evening 21:00 and 300 CZK for the last night. We know that the price of the festival jumped a few hundred crowns higher, but unfortunately making such a festival with all the background and many months of work can no longer be realized today. We hope that a normal person will understand this and we promise that we will do our best for your quality entertainment and eye pleasure.
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