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Hello Breakfest friends and friends. As the situation worsens dramatically and many experts argue that the situation will not be under control by mid-summer, we are announcing that we have to postpone breakfest to Mayapur’s birthday 11-13.9. 2020 when the situation should hopefully be still. We definitely do not intend to cancle Breakfest, we just have to respond to this situation. We will try to keep the line up and we will try to communicate with the artists. For those who have already bought tickets and booked cabins, so take into account that the event is not canceled and much help if you leave the booking for a later date, it saves us a lot of worries. Of course, if this falls for you, we will refund your money. If the situation did not develop well in the fall, we will move the event for the next year to the same date, but this would only be decided if there is still a crisis in mid-summer. Please be patient, this is a situation that nobody probably expected, but believe us that all the more we will enjoy it eventually. Now we just ask you for maximum consideration, this time will test it. Believe that your behavior currently decides on being or not being mainly older people, our parents.

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